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I am a Handyman with 30+ years of construction experience, I have many references, and my prices are reasonable. I work primarily in the Buda and kyle area A Buda area resident sense 2008, I have made many friends from the customers of my trades and social associations. I put my best in every job as if it were for my mom's house, the results show I am qualified and care. Originally from North Houston, Conroe/willis area, where I was owner of a plumbing & handyman business. Plumbing brought me to Austin area in 2006. September 2009 thru March 2015 6Sful Computer Repair became my main trade. Never able to give up hands on projects I am back to my Handyman services. Services I provide are many and the list is always growing. Call me I would like to meet you.

Double gates on plumcreek porch

When you want to keep your dog safe and enjoy your front porch, add a gate .

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Storage Buildings

Storage buildings are a good investment to anyone that has extra belongings or possessions that take up more room then your home has. If your renting a storage unit from a self storage a 10′ X 10′ will cost you approximately $100 per month, for a short term that is good, but that is over $1000 a year. A 10′ X10′ storage building will cost approximately $1800 installed on your property. It will give you more convenient access and will pay for its self in 2 years.

We build storage buildings better then most, we build them solid, we use real 2 X 4 Studs, painted 3/4 plywood floors, and 2 X 6 floor joist.

This building is a 8′ X 12′ with 24″ double doors
Call us today and get your storage building
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I’d like to share a few pics of a deck I built this summer. Customized to your liking, size, style, railing, split levels & steps.

Call for estimate.

Painted or stained to you liking.

Utilizing backyard

So many homes have that catch all corner in their backyard, you know , that space between the house and fence, not big enough to do anything in but just big enough to store junk. Well check this out, my  client spends a lot of her time beautifying & enjoying her yard  and occasionally cooled off with the water hose. Then she thought of this

It’s a shower in that wasted space that was a cluder spot. Attractive and useful, a great addition to a beautiful yard.

Screened in porches


I have built several screened in porches over the years but this is the first time to use “screen tight “. This screen system is easy to replace old or damaged screens.  If you enjoy spending your time sitting outdoors on your porch, but can’t because of the irritating bugs, I can help.  Call me today for a free estimate.

Projects from the past

Custom Carpentry Got an idea, call for an estimate.