Hello I’m Sam

I am a Handyman with 30+ years of construction experience, I have many references, and my prices are reasonable. I work primarily in the Buda and kyle area A Buda area resident sense 2008, I have made many friends from the customers of my trades and social associations. I put my best in every job as if it were for my mom's house, the results show I am qualified and care. Originally from North Houston, Conroe/willis area, where I was owner of a plumbing & handyman business. Plumbing brought me to Austin area in 2006. September 2009 thru March 2015 6Sful Computer Repair became my main trade. Never able to give up hands on projects I am back to my Handyman services. Services I provide are many and the list is always growing. Call me I would like to meet you.

Storage Buildings

Storage buildings are a good investment to anyone that has extra belongings or possessions that take up more room then your home has. If your renting a storage unit from a self storage a 10′ X 10′ will cost you approximately $100 per month, for a short term that is good, but that is over $1000 a year. A 10′ X10′ storage building will cost approximately $1800 installed on your property. It will give you more convenient access and will pay for its self in 2 years.

We build storage buildings better then most, we build them solid, we use real 2 X 4 Studs, painted 3/4 plywood floors, and 2 X 6 floor joist.

This building is a 8′ X 12′ with 24″ double doors
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