Hello I’m Sam

I am a Handyman with 30+ years of construction experience, I have many references, and my prices are reasonable. I work primarily in the Buda and kyle area A Buda area resident sense 2008, I have made many friends from the customers of my trades and social associations. I put my best in every job as if it were for my mom's house, the results show I am qualified and care. Originally from North Houston, Conroe/willis area, where I was owner of a plumbing & handyman business. Plumbing brought me to Austin area in 2006. September 2009 thru March 2015 6Sful Computer Repair became my main trade. Never able to give up hands on projects I am back to my Handyman services. Services I provide are many and the list is always growing. Call me I would like to meet you.

Utilizing backyard

So many homes have that catch all corner in their backyard, you know , that space between the house and fence, not big enough to do anything in but just big enough to store junk. Well check this out, my  client spends a lot of her time beautifying & enjoying her yard  and occasionally cooled off with the water hose. Then she thought of this

It’s a shower in that wasted space that was a cluder spot. Attractive and useful, a great addition to a beautiful yard.

Projects from the past
Custom Carpentry Got an idea, call for an estimate.